UW’s Latest Movement: All Minds Matter

E19711_1563890050552526_3821935538225352284_nducation is a human right. In urban and rural areas, schools are not effectively providing all students with an education. On the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination, which measures aptitude in reading comprehension, 47.6% of Caucasian third graders were not proficient in reading. Likewise, 86.2% of African-American third graders were not proficient in reading. With these apparent flaws in the public education system, we have to create community support and tension around this issue to bring change.

This problem has yet to been solved because not enough people are actively engaged in demanding change. An investment in education is an investment in us. We have to challenge the system to create ways that will ensure that all people, regardless of class, have access to a better life through education. The conversation around this issue should not be focused on low test results, but on how education is a social issue. We have to speak up. We have to reclaim our human right to learn. The education system must become accommodating to all people – every life matters, every voice matters.

We are, All Minds Matter. Our mission is to bring societal awareness to the disparities in the public education system with an emphasis on Dane County, Wisconsin. By creating community engagement, we plan to evoke positive change within the public education system to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream. Class, mental ability, race, and gender should not hinder a child from receiving a quality education.

Join us May 1st at 4:30 pm for our first rally, located at the Madison Metropolitan School District’s headquarters at 545 W. Dayton St, directly next to the Kohl Center. We recognize the work the current school district is doing to change the education system, however, it is not solving the social issues that plague our society – like income disparities and injustice. Teachers need to be better trained to work with all students. Education is a human right. Speak up! #allmindsmatter


All Minds Matter



Written by Tyriek Mack, co-founder of All Minds Matter


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