WSUM: Anything But Country

Looking for new music? Tired of your old playlists? Want to be entertained by personable DJs? Check out WSUM, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student radio station on 91.7FM or listen live online.

DJs rotate through the main studio every hour broadcasting their own playlists. What separates WSUM from other FM stations is the fact that WSUM is a free form station, which means there is a spectrum of genres played throughout the day as different DJs host their own show on the station. Listeners are able to hear everything and anything from indie essentials to old school vinyl collections, and even big band jazz from the early 20th century. Along with music, the station hosts various guests throughout the semester to talk about their music and play live on air.

If you aren’t in the mood to listen to (awesome) music, there are talk and sport shows broadcasted throughout the day as well. Different topics include agriculture issues, art community happenings, live games, and news that corporate-controlled mainstream media do not include in their productions.

DJs are required to spend a semester training on the boards and learning about the Federal Communications Commission regulations before being able to broadcast over live air. My friend Sydney Scott and I trained during our freshman fall semester and now co-host ABC: Anything But Country on Mondays at 11am.

Our show is centered on playing any genre besides country; however, we usually stick to indie and electronic. Some of our favorite artists include Lykke Li, From Indian Lakes, Smallpools, and Lana Del Ray. Syd and I love to joke around on air and start off our listeners’ week on a great note. Our hour in the studio is a time to take a break from school and enjoy great music together.

WSUM is a great source if you are looking to discover new music, artists and genres. Listen live online at or tune into 91.7FM.


Written by Camille Kelleher

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